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Guerilla Showrunner

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Would you be interested in a “How To Promote Your Show or Film” ebook?

So, it’s new project season here at Guerilla Showrunner Towers, and as you may have seen on Twitter, I’m considering working on a more detailed manual for show promotion than I could offer in a blog post.

Now, I’ve made the mistake of developing something big without checking it’s needed before, and it just wastes everyone’s time.

So - would you be interested in buying a complete guide to promoting your online film or series? It’d basically cover the same strategies that I used to get BloodSpell 100k+ viewers and exposure on CNN and a whole bunch of other places, Kamikaze Cookery featured all over the ‘net, and so on, plus a whole bunch of new stuff I’ve learned in the last couple of years.

Topics I’m currently thinking to cover would include:

  • How to network outside the web series community to get your show wider exposure

  • How to make sure from Day 1 that your show has a large audience who will watch it.

  • How to use sites like Reddit, Digg, and Stumbleupon to drive the viewers you want to your film or show

  • Offline press - how to approach them, how to win them over.

  • How to use search engine optimisation and article marketing with your videos to create steady traffic streams.

  • Advertising - what works, what doesn’t, and where to get it at affordable rates

  • How to cut trailers, and how to use them

So - sound interesting enough to spend a bit of cash on? And if so, what topics would you be particularly interested in seeing covered?

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Crazed Stalkers Here!

It’s a happy day. I’ve completed the first course from Guerilla Showrunner - Get Crazed Stalkers!

And to add on to all that - it’s a free course. Completely, totally, utterly and forever.

This one’s about your fans. Specifically, it’s about the dedicated, hardcore fans (the “stalkers” - don’t worry, I’m not actually trying to get you stalked) that every show thrives on, and how to convert your Anonymous YouTube Visitors into people whose first name, kids’ interests, and credit card numbers you know.

The course is in three parts of ten minutes’ video each (it was going to be five minutes, but it turns out I had rather more stuff to say than I thought I did), in which you’ll learn:

  • 3 things you can do in the next hour to make more of** your casual viewers come back** and get involved in your show.

  • Why your RSS feed and YouTube subscribers aren’t attracting as many viewers as you’d like – and how to fix that.

  • How to design a show or an episode to** fascinate your viewers **- so that whenever they think about your show, they’ll feel good.

  • Why you don’t need everyone to like your show – and how pissing some people off will help turn you into a superstar.

To get on the list and recieve the first video, subscribe to Get Crazed Stalkers.

The link to the first video will drop through your inbox door, if such a thing exists, a few minutes afterward.

I really hope you guys find this course useful. It’s turned into rather a larger project than I had planned - maybe I should have turned it into a paid-for thing instead. Ach, well!

If you know anyone who’d find a course about getting more and more dedicated fans for their Internet show or whatever else it is they do that gets fans, please do let them know about the course. I really want to help as many people with this stuff as I can.

**Permalink for the course: **

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